In our ever changing and evolving world, “The Source Growth Center” is a spiritual place to nurture your soul  Those who come to The Source will find that we are dedicated to serving the individual needs of an ever growing and expanding spiritual community,  The Source is an oasis for spiritual learning, offering classes, lectures, workshops and concerts.  It is a place to gather, share and network.

In addition, we carry an array of spiritual products.  For those who seek, they will find our books, art, jewelry, oil blends and candles which can be personalized for the individual or for a specific need or purpose, and lastly, a variety of stones from mother nature herself.  All of the above have been selected to aide the individual from the very basic for those just beginning their quest, or the intermediate whom are questing for deeper understanding and still those whom have journeyed the distance, yet are ever unfolding to greater heights and depths.  If we do not carry or have something that you need, we are always happy to order it for you, if it is possible.  Our aim is customer satisfaction.  The Source can be a well of light that quenches the thirst of your soul.

The Source Growth Center is a fusion of many faiths, we honor all paths.  There are many rivers to cross, many roads to trael, different vistas and views, but all roads eventually lead to enlightenment, illuminating the journey, restoring us back to beauty and grace.  Eventually, they reunite and return us home, back to wholeness that leads to the one heart and light, it is forever and eternal, the light that illumines the darkness.  This light and love is “The Source” of all creation, it is oneness that resurrects us.  Give thanks and praise.

May love light your path on your sovereign journey home.

Rev. Dana Dunn, Ph.D

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